The game has changed

User-Centered Design

“We fight for the warfighter” is not just our motto, we include the warfighter in every decision we make so they can focus on their mission, instead of dealing with clunky, slow software.


As an approved LevelUp provider, TRON has worked through the DevSecOps hurdles to get your application into production, with an ATO/CTF as quickly as possible.

Agile Software Development

We combine incremental and iterative software development processes that focus on adaptability and user satisfaction to deliver user value quickly where it matters the most.

Lean Processes

TRON leverages lean processes to “slice” the features that will provide the most value and strives to eliminate waste and overproduction that often contribute to the failure of software projects.

Agile Project Management/Product Ownership

Everything we do is agile, our AF leads will work with industry partners to bring your product to fruition and ensure that all your needs are met along the way.

Integrated Agile

We believe in working together! So much so that we want to have your subject matter experts integrated with our team at the TRON lab to take part in the agile development of your solution.