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Providing schedulers the ability to more rapidly assemble aircrew by replacing manual processes with automated/ user friendly systems.

Move Out/ Jump Off (MOJO)

Allowing secure communications and forward deployed Airmen to dynamically command and control full inventory of DoD Military assets.


Since the 1940s, we have seen the Air Force advance from the P-39 to F-35, yet the technology needed for squadron personnel to schedule training, real-world missions, or planned maintenance on these aircraft has barely changed. This lack of focus on the units has caused most squadron processes to remain manual, with data input, retrieval, and export done via written transcription or copy/paste into Word, Excel, or PDF. The result: with constantly fluctuating schedule requirements, it is almost impossible for anyone to truly account for training, aircrew restrictions, preventative maintenance, or family considerations. PUCKBOARD strives to change this.



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